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We are excited to present you with Climatech MEA - The Platform for Climate Opportunities & Partnerships in the Middle East & Africa (MEA). A new regional platform!


Climatech MEA's mission is to harness the power of knowledge, technology & partnerships to build regional & local sustainable solutions for the region's most pressing climate affected challenges: Energy, Water & Food Security.


Climatech MEA is designed to accelerate regional cross-border & cross-sector collaborations connecting all stakeholders, from governments, academia and NGOs, to multinational & big corporations, professional communities, SMEs, women & young entrepreneurs.  


Climatech MEA is an impact enterprise, setting its environmental-social mission as its primary goal, in alignment with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.


With the people and the environment in mind, we have created a unique, smart & innovative digital platform to provide all with FREE curated & original content on climate opportunities in MEA - news & insights, projects & tenders, challenges & competitions, innovative technologies & research, funding opportunities & experts, events & inspiration, and more. 


We are committed to keep nourishing the regional climate ecosystem with high quality opportunities & initiatives. 


Let's do it together! 


Feel free to share with us your interests, thoughts & ideas, type of partners you're looking for and where, press releases, information on innovative solutions, activities, events, and new features you would like to see on the platform, at: [email protected].