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Israeli Startup Uses Tobacco Plants to Mass Produce Cultivated Meat

Recently raised $10 million in Round A funding

Sep 16, 2022 / 1 Min
Photo: Reiner Sutter

BioBetter, an Israeli startup, grows tobacco plants and manufactures proteins from them, specifically insulin, transferrin, and the growth factor FGF2, compounds that are necessary to make cultivated meat commercially viable.


According to BioBetter, the proteins needed to multiply meat cells currently cost as much as $500,000 per gram, but its technology has the potential to bring the cost down to only $1 per gram. 


The company raised $10 million in Round A funding in order to expand to a larger pilot plant within the Tel Hai Industrial Park, in the Upper Galilee Region of Israel.


“This venture will create a significant new source of income for local farmers,” said Nisan Zeevi, Director of Jerusalem Venture Partners (JVP), the VC firm that led the funding round, with additional investment from Milk and Honey Investments, LLC, and the Israeli Innovation Authority.  


“As cellular agriculture expands, we will dedicate some 500 acres here in the Galilee of tobacco plantations to support the industry. This also helps growers find new purpose in the burgeoning alternative protein scene following a reduction in smoking over the last decade that has left many tobacco fields idle and tobacco farmers suffering financial loss.”


Dana Yarden, Co-Founder of BioBetter, said: “As a result of this funding round, we can scale up production in 2023 and expect to go commercial with our tobacco plant-derived, food-grade GF portfolio by 2024.”


Source: NoCamels.