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Israel and Jordan to Establish a Joint Industrial Zone on the Border

The final details on this Israeli-Jordanian initiative were addressed last week during PM Yair Lapid's meeting with King Abdullah II in Amman

Aug 04, 2022 / 2 Min
Photo: Israel GPO/Haim Zach

Israeli PM Yair Lapid addressed this joint initiative, called “Jordan Gateway”, at the start of the weekly Israeli Cabinet meeting on Sunday (31 July 2022): “This is an initiative that will increase employment to both countries, will advance our economic and diplomatic relations, and will enhance the peace and friendship between our two countries". 


PM Lapid added, that this joint industrial zone on the border “will facilitate initiatives and allow Israeli and Jordanian businesspeople to communicate directly. It will create joint initiatives in trade, technology and local industry”.


“This is the main part of the advancement that we have made in strengthening ties with Jordan in the past year,” said Israeli Regional Cooperation Minister Esawi Frej at the Cabinet meeting.