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Key MENA Renewable & Clean Energy Projects Under Development

The projects are concentrated Mostly in North Africa (59%) and in the GCC (38%)

Dec 24, 2022 / 2 Min
Photo: Antonio Garcia on Unsplash

According to a recent report by APICORP titled “MENA’s sustainability journey in light of COP27”, the MENA region’s low-carbon energy sector is witnessing accelerated project activity with a pipeline valued at $257 billion by 2030.


The sectors include renewables (solar PV, wind, hydro), hydrogen, nuclear and waste-to-energy. Solar PV leads with a 50 percent share by project value in terms of planned and committed project investments followed by hydrogen at 21 percent, nuclear at 14 percent, wind at 10 percent, and hydropower and waste-to-energy projects together constituting 5 percent of total projects by value.


On a MENA regional level, low-carbon energy projects are mostly concentrated in North Africa garnering 59 percent share, followed by the 38 percent in the GCC, and the rest in the Levant (by project value).


The report also listed the key MENA renewable & clean energy projects under development in solar PV, hydrogen and wind: