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Watersight's Smart Water Sensing Device Won CES XTC Competition

The AquaRing is a smart real-time sensing device for online water condition monitoring for the water, utility, and food & beverage industries

Feb 18, 2023 / 3 Min
Image by Watersight. Courtecy.

By: Climatech MEA in collaboration with Watersight.


Watersight was granted first place award for the company’s AquaRing, smart water monitoring system, in the Sustainable Smart Cities category at the Extreme Tech Challenge (XTC) Startup Competition, held at the 2023 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) technology conference in Las Vegas last month.


Watersight addresses the challenge of monitoring the quality of water and liquids as they flow, which can be a complex, expensive and time-consuming task. In many cases, water events are only discovered after contamination has already occurred. 


The AquaRing is a smart water monitoring system, based on Newsight’s spectral sensor technology. It allows real-time water and liquid analysis, providing current, ongoing quality data that supports decision-makers in real time events. 


Watersight is a watertech joint venture company of MEKOROT, Israel’s national water company, and Newsight Imaging, a technology company that specializes in advanced CMOS image sensors for spectral analysis and machine vision.


The AquaRing uses an artificial intelligence-backed spectrometer on a chip that uses a patented, low-cost CMOS chip technology to measure absorbance values within the visible and near-infrared spectrum to monitor condition-based water quality, safety, and security. The AquaRing gathers data and sends it to the cloud for analysis, and once an anomaly is detected, it can be classified.


Eli Assoolin, chairman of Watersight: "At Watersight, we believe that access to clean and safe water is a fundamental right, and our mission is to make it a reality for everyone. Our innovative and advanced technology, combined with AI and spectral sensor capabilities, provides real-time monitoring and detection of water contamination, ensuring the quality, safety, and security of our water supply".


The AquaRing is designed to assist utilities, food and beverage producers, and the agriculture industry to improve decision-making, manage data and water risks, ensure traceability and compliance, and reduce costs. Watersight is currently offering “pilot” programs, allowing the customer to test for different use cases over the course of one or two months.