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Bahrain Launches Its First Clean Energy-Powered Data Centre

The Data Centre has became the first in Bahrain to rely entirely on clean energy generated from Beyon's solar park

Jun 02, 2023 / 1 Min
Photo: Beyon. Courtesy.

Beyon, a Bahraini technology company, has launched the first data center in the country to be powered entirely by clean energy. The data center is located at the Beyon Data Oasis in Hamala and is powered by solar energy generated from the company's solar park.


The launch of the data center is a major milestone for Beyon and for Bahrain's efforts to achieve carbon neutrality. The company plans to continue to invest in clean energy and has set a goal of producing 6 GWh of clean energy per year by 2025.


Beyon Chairman, Shaikh Abdulla bin Khalifa Al Khalifa, said that the company is "proud of an unprecedented achievement in the telecommunications and technology sector". 


The launch of the data center is a positive development for Bahrain and for the global effort to reduce carbon emissions. It is a sign that businesses are taking the issue of climate change seriously and are investing in clean energy solutions.


Source: Zawya