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Schneider's New Report on the Future of Energy Transition in Middle East

The latest research report by the Schneider Electric Sustainability Research Institute looks into the decarbonization of the Middle East by 2060

Jan 13, 2024 / 3 Min
Photo by David Rodrigo on Unsplash

The latest research report by the Schneider Electric Sustainability Research Institute (SRI), titled “Climate Horizon: Opportunities for a greener world in the Middle East”, was launched in coordination with Clean Energy Business Council (CEBC) and was officially unveiled during COP28 by Peter Herweck, Chief Executive Officer of Schneider Electric, Vincent Petit, Senior Vice President, Climate and Energy Transition Research, Head of the Schneider Electric Sustainability Research Institute and Dr Nasser H Saidi, Chairman, Clean Energy Business Council.


Key findings:

1. As the economy of the region modernizes, it also decarbonizes, resulting in an accelerated decoupling between emissions and economic wealth; 

2. Electricity represents 40-55% of final energy demand in both scenarios;

3. Policies driven by governments in the region are more supportive of innovations captured in “New Future” which enables a more rapid scaling up of new services and technology;

4. Around 2/3rd of final energy demand comes from 3 sectors of economic activity: buildings, road mobility, and manufacturing. Clean hydrogen, nuclear energy, and water infrastructure also have a heavy influence on energy demand; each will be additive to energy production as technologies develop;

5. Uncertainty in manufacturing and road mobility plays a significant role in reaching a net zero economy by 2060; 

6. By mid-century (possibly even earlier), we will live in a different world. The report explores 12 key transformations of the economy considered by the authors most promising (given their relative progress to date), and in fact largely inevitable, and review how these could impact the emissions of Gulf countries in the coming decades:


For the full report click here.

Sources: Schneider Electric, Zawya.